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Incorporating LLC in US

Asked by: Salil Modak - 13 September, 2012 Hi. I am an Indian citizen. I have a partnership firm here in India. I want to incorporate my company in the US with a US bank account. Is this possible. What are the tax liabilities. I will have to frequently make wire transfers to UK, US and India , with regards to Royalty payments from the US bank account. Is there a TDS factor involved in these wire transfers??? If yes then how much percentage TDS has to be deducted??
Answered by: Ray Albert - 15 September, 2012 Salil,

We can definitely help you register an LLC in the United States, along with obtaining all the documentation necessary to open the company bank account. I invite you to read our article dealing with foreigners opening a bank account in the US.

As India is a signatory of the Hague convention, we can get your company an Apostille, which would allow your U.S.registered business to be recognized in India. Maybe you could check with your bank of business and see if that would help your situation any.

By forming an LLC, which is a pass-through entity, the income will pass through the entity directly to the owner's personal income. We offer a free tax-webinar for U.S. business owners living abroad, that may help answer some of the common tax questions.

Regarding the TDS, which I believe you are referring to Tax Deducted at Source, so this is something you should consider consulting with an accountant.


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