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I want to sell Amazon products in India

Asked by: sameer - 6 June, 2011 Hi,

I want to sell Amazon products in India: 
1) Is it necessary to form a LLC or just using Shipito will be sufficient.
2) if need to form LLC then how can i do it without having any address in USA?
3) is there will be any tax liability?

Answered by: Monique Blanchard - 9 June, 2011 Sameer,

You may be able to utilize a website to sell products anywhere you could ship them, however an LLC could provide you with the all-so-important protection of your assets.

Forming a company in the United States without a physical address is something we can definitely help you accomplish. Using your international address, which I am assuming by your question is in India, you would register the company in whichever U.S. state you desired (immediately I would suggest maybe Wyoming or Delaware) by preparing the necessary paperwork along with the applicable state fees. After an EIN is obtained, your U.S. documents would require an Apostille, which would allow you to open the company bank account in your home country. (If you do not live in India, click the Apostille link and refer to the bottom of the page to see if your country is a participant of the Hague Convention).

Please be advised without a physical U.S. address, you would be required to maintain a Registered Agent in the state of your company's formation. This is a service we can provide for you as well.

As far as tax liability goes, I am not a professional accountant, so unfortunately I could not really offer you a solid answer. I suggest consulting a professional accountant to further answer that question.

I hope you found this answer to be helpful.


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