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I want to form LLC in US as Non-US resident

Asked by: Jeffrey  — 25 May, 2011


I’m Jeff from Manila, Philippines. I’m planning to form an LLC in US for a Website and SEO business.

Your response on the questions below will highly be appreciated.

1) I’m the only one to own the LLC but i have few people working under me and all works will be done from here. Do i need to have a business name here in Philippines before i can register for LLC in US?

2) What are the required documents from here (personal/legal) that forming LLC in US would require me?

3) Our target clients will be from any state in US, how’s my LLC business taxes will be calculated?

4) If you would be the one to take care of everything i need getting LLC in US could you please give me ball part figure of the over all amount i need to prepare e.i CPA/Attorney fees, filing fee, documentation fee, EIN, US Bank account etc. Is there monthly fees of your services and how much? bookkeeping for example.

5) Could you also help me get US address i can use as my Virtual Office? how much this cost me?

6) Is US Bank account a requirement? or can i just use my Philippine local bank account linked to my PayPal? this is my way of getting paid by clients from US.

That’s all for now.

Best regards,

Jeffrey — SEO Manager
Manila, Philippines

Answered by: admin  — 25 May, 2011


Let me answer your questions one by one:

1. You don’t need to have a business registered in the Philippines if you want to register an LLC in the US. It would probably help you to have one though, in order to manage your business affairs in your own country.

2. You don’t need any documents to register an LLC in the US. All is needed is your name and an address in the Philippines (or US if you have one).

3. If you register in the state that has no state income tax (like Wyoming or Delaware) you will not be required to remit any taxes (only annual taxes like Franchise tax in Delaware or Annual Report fee in Wyoming). As far as collecting sales tax I recommend you to read this answer: “Sales tax collection by online business“. There is no sales tax on SEO services.

4. We only provide incorporation services, and for the price of forming your LLC I would recommend you to consult our application for the state of your choice (you can start here). Additional fees will/might include the following:
(a) Registered Agent fee ??“ $99 a year
(b) Operating Agreement – one time $39.99, provided by
(c) accounting services – about $700-$1000 a year (you can choose free tax consultation when filling out your application and our partner CPA firm will consult you on their prices for this service).

5. US business address – you are welcome to consult our Resource Page dealing with US Business Address.

6. Having a bank in the US in not a requirement, and technically you could open a bank account for your company in the Philippines. However, for that you need the Philippines authorities to recognize your corporate documents. Unfortunately Philippines is not a party to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961 (known as “Apostille Convention”), abolishing the requirement of consular legalization for foreign public documents and you will need “Embassy Legalization”.

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