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I live in Michigan can I still incorporate in Nevada

Asked by: tom - 12 August, 2011 It looks to be better to incorporate in Nevada even though I live in Michigan. Would there be any legal issues?
Answered by: Alec Green - 13 August, 2011 Tom,

I am not sure how to better answer your question, since I need more information in order to evaluate your case.

Depending on your type of business it might or might not be wise to incorporate in a state other than Michigan. If you do incorporate in Nevada while your business is located in Michigan you might have to register it as a Michigan foreign entity to make its activity in Michigan legit. Also, if you already are thinking of forming your company in a state other than Michigan you should consider few more states other than Nevada, such as Wyoming or Delaware.

Again, it might be wiser to just form the company in Michigan, but you need to give some more details on what the business will be, and where it will be located.


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