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I have a S-Corp from CA, about to do business in NJ

Asked by: Shauna - 10 September, 2012 I am about to do a 6 week job in New Jersey and will pay my S Corp which is CA based S corp. Do I need to register my corporation to be able to do business in NJ? Won't be too much $-
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 11 September, 2012 Dear Shauna,

Since this will be a relatively short duration project then you might not even be required to register your company in New Jersey.

Typically, companies with permanent physical presence in a given state are required to foreign qualify in that state. Companies with long term commitments in a given state (such as long or permanent projects) would also be required to foreign qualify, however judging by your description your company doesn't fall in any of those categories.


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