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I am on B2 Visa, would like to open a business in the United States

Asked by: Antony - 27 January, 2012 Dear All,

I would like to get a few information about this post give me the right direction for this, I am from India. 

I am on B2 visa in United States. 

Where can I get a job and change my visa status?

Can I open my own business and change the visa status?

Can I get a loan to start a business how can I do that I made the business plan for this?

Do I require a partner in United States?  


Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 28 January, 2012 Dear Eddi,

Those all are excellent questions that concern many individuals looking to settle in the United States and open businesses here. Unfortunately most of those questions have to do with immigration rules and laws, which are beyond the scope of our website.

I would recommend you to use the opportunity of being in the United States to visit a good immigration attorney and get a consultation to see what legal options you have to establish your immigration status. Unfortunately, I do not believe you can simply use a US company you would form as a tool to change your immigration status, but then again I might not have the necessary knowledge to claim otherwise.


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