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How to start jewelry e-shop in US

Asked by: Fahad - 29 July, 2011 Hi there,

We have a jewelry business in Kuwait and would like to setup our online business (e-shop) and retail in the USA. This office will handle e-commerce and future retailers orders in the US. We are not sure where and how can we start. We think that NYC will be most suitable to our industry. Your advise is highly appreciated!
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 30 July, 2011 Fahad,

As I understand from your description you want to establish both online presence and local retail. Technically those could be two separate businesses that support each other logistically, and that can be placed under one business entity.

Of course the very first thing you will need is a solid business plan, in other words a plan of what you would sell, to whom and how. I presume you already have it planned more or less, and if thats the case you need to move to the next step of deciding on what entities to form and where. For physical retail business you will need to register in the state where your store will be located. For online business the choice is much wider.

To better assist you please try to describe your planned US business activities in more detail.


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