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How to register a tax claim overseas business in US

Asked by: cerue  — 14 August, 2012

I am a US citizen, I buy stuff and sell it in my country of origin, I want to register my business as a company in the US and I am wondering how do I get started? Can I file tax on my business in the US after register it as a company?  My business is a self own business can I file it as a company?

Answered by: admin  — 14 August, 2012


We could definitely help you register your business in the United States, whether you were living in or out of the country. Without knowing the exact nature of your business, it’s hard to advise which entity type or which state to register your business in.

Regarding taxes, different entity types are taxed differently. Highlighted above is a link to our research section which explains the different entity types. Also, we offer a free tax webinar which answers many common tax questions for domestic and foreign business owners, which I believe you may find to be quite informative.

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