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How to get EIN without social security number as you incorporate a company?

Asked by: cma  — 25 May, 2011

Can a Indian citizen open a company in USA? How will she get an EIN without social security ?

Answered by: admin  — 25 May, 2011


Anyone can own a US company, be it LLC or Corporation. There are several restrictions for specific types of entities (such as S-Corporation), but in general there are plenty of Non-US citizens who own American companies.

As far as tax ID goes there is a specific procedure to obtain EIN for a company owned by individuals without Social Security Number.

Keep in mind that once you own a US company you will also need to file a personal tax return with the IRS. For that purpose you will need to obtain an ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number), but this is a process you can complete with the help of an accountant who will help you file your company taxes.

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