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How To Get An EIN Without Using My SSN?

Asked by: Gary Smith  — 22 June, 2013


I am Gary Smith, and I own a personal business in which I do media research for local small businesses in my area. I currently do not have an EIN for my business because I never needed to hire employees, so I never applied for one.

Now, I am interested in getting an account with a company that provides media intelligence, as they will be able to help me in my job. In order to set up my account, they require that I give them an EIN, so now I must get one.

The only problem is, I really don’t want to give out my Social Security Number. Is there any way of obtaining in EIN without using your SSN? I know there must be some way of doing this. Any help will be greatly aporeciated. Thanks.

Answered by: admin  — 22 June, 2013


I presume your business is a sole proprietorship. To obtain EIN one must follow IRS guidelines, which require sole proprietors with SSN to use SSN as their tax ID unless they hire employees (such as in your case), and maybe a few other reasons. In any case, you still report your business taxes under your personal tax return, and as such when obtaining EIN you will be required to use your SSN on the application, as far as I know.

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