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How to find out a company that registered in USA?

Asked by: John Mark - 7 November, 2012 Hi,

We are running a small BPO unit and recently have been approached by a US company for their back office work. As per their website they are LLC and located in Louisiana and have another office in Pennsylvania. So we tried to verify about them in corresponding state SOS websites but the company information not found in both websites. Is there any other option to find out a company that registered in USA? Please advise.


John Mark
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 8 November, 2012 John,

Technically, a company can be registered in any state, so unless you know exactly which state they are registered in you would have to research each state's records to see if they have this company listed (and still you probably wouldn't know if this is the company you are looking for, since many companies registered in different states have same names).

With that being said, if they maintain physical presence in both Louisiana and Pennsylvania then they should be registered in those states (either as domestic or foreign entity). If they didn't then there is a problem with how this company is set up. For Louisiana you can search for this company on Louisiana Secretary of State website, and for Pennsylvania you can do it on Pennsylvania Department of State website.


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