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How to file case against a US company?

Asked by: John Mark  — 8 November, 2012

Hi Team,

We have signed agreement with a US company for their back office work few months ago. The owner of the company agreed to pay us for our work through wire payment on every 6th of the month but did not receive money for our 1st & 2nd invoice. So we have put their billing activities on hold and notified the owner.

After that he stopped to send mails and not replying our mails also we cannot reach him with telephone number which is found in his website.

As per their website they are located in Louisiana and Pennsylvania but we cannot locate them in corresponding SOS websites. How can we get payment from him? Can we take legal action upon him and his company? Which one is best way to file case in USA or India?

We are small BPO located in India. Please advise me.


John Mark

Answered by: admin  — 8 November, 2012


This is a bit outside of the scope of our website. I would recommend you to start from contacting a collection agency and discussing this situation with them.

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