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How much to incorporate a Delaware corporation in Texas?

Asked by: MIKE - 19 October, 2011 I opened a corporation in Delaware, but I have my business in Texas.
Do I have to incorporate in Texas? If yes then how much would that cost?
Answered by: Ray Albert - 20 October, 2011 Mike,

If you simply live in Texas and have your company as an internet business registered with Delaware, then you would not necessarily have to file your company with the state of Texas. If you are conducting your business with a physical presence in Texas, it certainly would be a smart idea to register your Delaware-registered business in Texas through a process called Forming a Foreign Entity, or Foreign Qualification. This could potentially save you certain issues with the state and federal authorities.

The costs involved with the Foreign Entity run about $928 to have the Delaware Corporation registered in Texas. If you needed a state sales tax vendor id from the state of Texas (for selling products or purchasing your stock supplies in wholesale), that would be extra.

Typically, foreign entity applications are not that expensive. Texas happens to be the most expensive state in the county when it comes to this process.


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