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How long does it take to become incorporated?

Asked by: darrin  — 6 June, 2011

How long does it take to become incorporated?

Answered by: admin  — 6 June, 2011


Formation times greatly vary state to state, so the time would be different depending on your state of formation. Some states like Florida and Connecticut take just a few business days to process and file a new entity, while other states like California or Maryland can take literally in excess of 8-10 weeks to form a new company. Many states also offer expedite options (for an additional fee, also varied by state) which cut the filing times considerably.

While I do not know of any charts or time-tables that would show you the filing times of each respective state, I can offer a link to our Corporation enlistment page and you can select your state there, where it will show you the standard (as well as expedite, if applicable) times of processing at the state offices.

I hope you find this information of some assistance to your question.

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