How can a foreigner register a business in USA

Asked by: Edward  — 9 January, 2013

Dear Sir,

My wife and I operate a Ink and Toner Cartridge Re-manufacturing business in the Caribbean, but would like to expand to the USA and explore the franchise model to achieve our vision.

Question how to register company and also seek business visas for key staff members.


Answered by: admin  — 9 January, 2013

Dear Edward,

Foreigners can choose primarily between two types of entities: LLC and C-Corporation. LLC is the most common type of entity chosen by our foreign clients due to its simplicity, flexibility and single taxation. C-Corporation are mostly chosen by young entrepreneurs looking to obtain Angel or VC financing.You can see a comparison between LLC and C-Corporation here: LLC vs. Corporation

If your business has no physical connection to any specific state it is recommended to form your company in one of the incorporation-friendly states, such as DelawareWyoming, or Nevada. Majority of our foreign clients choose either Delaware or Wyoming, due to more expensive fees in Nevada. You can see the comparison between those 3 states here: DE vs. NV vs. WY.

As a foreigner you are not required to have Social Security Number to open your company and obtain EIN (company tax ID). You also don??™t need to have a U.S. address or phone number, however if you like to have those it??™s possible to get them from specializing vendors (see phone vendors here, and address vendors here).

Immigration questions are unfortunately beyond the scope of our website, and I would recommend you to consult a licensed US immigration attorney, who will be able to give you professional advise based on the familiarity with the most recent immigration rules and regulations.

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