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Hiring non us citizen relative for new company

Asked by: Carlos - 18 April, 2012 Hello, I'm trying to set up a company here in the U.S.
I'm a U.S. citizen, but I would like to have my nephew to come work for me. The thing is that he is not a u.s. citizen, can I sponsor him for a H1B visa? Is it likey that he will get it? (I understand that most of the H1B visas go for big companies)
Answered by: Ray Albert - 20 April, 2012 Carlos,

We can definitely help you set up your business, and your nephew could certainly be listed as a member of the business as members of an LLC are not required to be U.S. residents or citizens.

However, while we are professional incorporators, we are not professional attorneys. That being said, I would suggest consulting with an immigration attorney regarding how to qualify and obtain an H1B visa.


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