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Hawaii clothing store

Asked by: Zena - 1 June, 2011 I would like to open a clothing store in Maui. However, I am a Canadian citizen. Is it easier to start a business in Canada and then transfer over? Or can we start a business from scratch in the US with a working visa?
Answered by: Ray Albert - 4 June, 2011 Zena,

If you are going to be conducting your business in Hawaii, it would probably suit you best to register the company in Hawaii. As a Canadian citizen, you may open a U.S. company without being a U.S. resident, as long as you maintain a Registered Agent in the state of Hawaii.

Please be advised to sell products such as clothing in a retail store, you will also need to obtain a Hawaii Sales Tax Vendor ID Number to collect sales tax on your Hawaiian sales.

I hope you have found this answer to be helpful.


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