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Getting the EIN without a SSN (non US-citizen).

Asked by: Marcelo de Moraes Serpa - 11 August, 2011 I'm not a US-citizen, I already asked around and your support staff told me that it is possible for me to form a LLC in the US, but how do you guys manage to get an EIN without a SSN? How's the company be tied to me, in this case? Am I going to be legally the owner or is there any "informal tricks" behind that?

Thanks in advance!
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 11 August, 2011 Dear Marcelo,

Obtaining EIN for companies whose owners are international persons (thus having no SSN) is a standard procedure. We will have you sign SS4 form and then call the IRS to complete the process. There are no tricks, its all perfectly standard and legal.

The ownership of the company is sometimes described in the Articles of Incorporation or Organization, and always described in Operating Agreement, which the owners create and sign. EIN by itself is not a factor in defining ownership, because the IRS only require one "responsible party" to be listed in their file.


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