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Forming multiple LLC's

Asked by: Maxi - 18 January, 2013 Question for Robert Kowalski

I am US citizen planning to move to Europe. I produce clothing in Europe and currently sell it on a wholesale basis in US and Canada.
My LLC is registered in WY, I reside and operate out of MA, but I want to abandon MA residency in order to avoid MA state taxes in the future (need guidance in this area).
Privacy is important to me due to trade secrets, marketing and branding issues.
I want to keep wholesale business and in the nearest future start e-commerce website to sell directly to public. I want to operate website as a completely separate business to avoid direct competition with my wholesale customers and more importantly due to trade secrets, marketing and branding issues.
I plan to use independent contractor located in FL (not company employs) for distribution of goods and customer service for both businesses, but keep wholesale business and e-commerce website business completely separate (need guidance how to do it properly)
There is a good chance In the future I will need to open another business (e-commerce website)
I need advice in business formation to minimize operating cost, taxes and protect privacy
Thank you
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 18 January, 2013 Dear Maxi,

So I understand you are looking to split your business into wholesale and retail, you already have WY LLC and you plan to move to Europe.

Since you are leaving Massachusetts, if you had foreign qualification done there for your WY company in that state you would need to withdraw it (a process similar to dissolution but usually less complicatedand often cheaper). Other that that, if you want to separate your two business what I would suggest for you is to form another Wyoming LLC and run it as a completely separate business, just as you plan to do.

And of course in the future, for every new e-commerce business you form you could as usual go for another WY LLC.


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