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Forming an LLC in MO for business in MD

Asked by: Karen Stanley - 14 August, 2011 Can I have the LLC in Missouri and have a business in Maryland such as property, daycare, or a transportation service?
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 14 August, 2011 Dear Karen,

Theoretically you can run multiple businesses in one state using an LLC registered in another state. For that purpose you would need to register a Foreign Entity of that LLC in the state where the business would physically take place.

With that being said I see a problem with that plan: because you have to be registered in the state here your business will be physically located, in most cases it would simply make sense to just register a new LLC in that state. Usually its even cheaper to form a new LLC than to register a foreign entity for an existing LLC.

Of the three types of businesses that you specified at least two are very much local businesses (property and day care), so I would recommend having separate Maryland LLC for each of those businesses. Transportation Service could be more flexible, if your activity is primarily interstate, however if this service is limited to MD or if the headquarters and main facilities are located in MD then you should have your LLC for this business formed in MD as well.


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