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Forming an LLC in Delaware or California?

Asked by: ANAIR  — 11 March, 2013

1) I am a california resident since last 6 years, so I would like to form a California LLC (ecommerce company) and Open a business bank account in California itself.
2) but the major operations like shipping, order processing will be done from india. Basically I will be selling indian products (clothes, shoes, jewelry) to all over the world including USA.

In this case,

1) Can I use my US address (home) and identification number for registering the LLC or I don’t need to produce any US address or identication number to form an LLC ?
2) Can I open a business bank account in India iteself?
3) Can I open the LLC in Delaware instead of California LLC?

Please advise.

– Nair

Answered by: admin  — 11 March, 2013


To answer your questions, you can open the LLC with your US address as business and mailing address, and using your SSN (I assume you have one) to obtain EIN for the company.

You could open bank account for the company in India or in the U.S. (since you are already here and can visit the bank in person). You probably want to have account in both the U.S. and India to conduct your business as smoothly as possible.

Finally, you could form the LLC in Delaware, but if you plan to manage it in person from California you would most probably need to register it sooner or later as California foreign entity.

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