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Forming an LLC and filing with state of Texas

Asked by: Rich - 7 June, 2013 I am buying a franchise business in Texas in August. I am forming an LLC and have a name reserved. When asked for an address is it to be the address of the office I will own in August - and, when I am operating that business I will do business under the name of the Franchise - so does that complicate things?
Answered by: Ray Albert - 9 June, 2013 Rich,

If you have permission from the franchise and already have the name reserved with the state, it should be no problem forming the LLC in Texas.

Regarding the address, once a company is registered, you can always change the filed articles, such as the business address, by filing a Certificate of Amendment, which does carry additional fees. That being said, if it would be a physical brick-and-mortar store/office, you might want to use that address on the initial application, however if the address is not final but you already need the company then register it with your home address as primary business address and change it later.


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