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Forming an anonymous Nevada LLC

Asked by: Kevin - 30 July, 2011 What would it take to form a manager-managed LLC in an anonymous way in NV?
Answered by: Lloyd Johnson - 7 August, 2011 Kevin,

If I understand your question correctly you want to know how to protect the privacy of the owners (members) of Nevada LLC by making it manager-managed.

Technically Nevada requires you to list all managing members of the LLC if the LLC is set to be member-managed (note that those members who are not managing members would not be listed either way), or all managers if the LLC is manager-managed. Same applies to Initial List filing and Business License.

That means that in your scenario the privacy of the members is protected, because you will only need to list names and addresses of LLC managers. Another option for privacy protection is using nominee members, however that service is often very costly (and in my opinion unnecessary).


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