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Forming a Partnership firm in USA and getting a bank account there without visiting.

Asked by: Abd-Ul-Ahad  — 24 June, 2012

I have a registered Partnership firm here in Pakistan.
I want to sell my products on e-commerce websites such as Amazon and e-bay for which i need a registered company address and company bank account and tax id in the USA.
My question is that what would be best for me and how can i do it?
do i have to come in the USA?
How much would this whole process cost me approximately?
Note: I do not live in the USA and do not have any plans in to go there in near future.

Answered by: admin  — 24 June, 2012


When you register a business in the United States, you are allowed to use any address internationally (with the exception of a P.O. Box) as the business address. If you need a U.S. address to register the business with, I would suggest looking at services offered by The UPS Store or any Virtual Office company. These companies can provide you with a physical U.S. address.

We can get your business a federal tax id (EIN) very quickly once the company is registered with the state. When it comes to the bank account, this is something we have spent a lot of time and energy researching. Typically, banks require applicants to appear in person in order to open the company account. I would suggest contacting a few larger bank chains (such as Chase or HSBC) to discuss any possible options they may be able to offer you.

As everyone’s business is unique, it’s difficult to give an approximate cost. It would be a good idea to research a few different states to see which may fit your business plan the best. States such as Wyoming, Nevada and Delaware are considered the ‘corporate heavens’ where many international businesses choose to incorporate. We have a research article titled ‘Where should I incorporate?‘ that I believe you may find very helpful.

Please make sure when you check the LLC or Corporation applications that you click the link at the top of the step 1 page where it says “International clients please click here”. That way it will show you the correct application and costs for your situation and needs.

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