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Formation of computer technical support company

Asked by: Bhuvan - 22 October, 2012 Hi, I am recommended by one of your old client, my question is:

Me and my partner are planning to open a company for online computer technical support service. Though none of us are citizen of USA, we need to know what all formalities to be made to open a LLC / Bank Account etc ... and how much will it cost to us (Your fee + Government Fee).
We are not aware which would be the best State to register LLC / Bank account but we would prefer the state with the lowest tax structure.
Answered by: Ray Albert - 23 October, 2012 Bhuvan,

We would be able to register your business without a problem. None of the members would be required to be U.S. citizens, submit any identification documents, or be required to have a U.S. address for themselves or the business address.

We usually recommend forming your company in Wyoming or Delaware, due to their business-friendly environment. We have a research article titled 'U.S. Companies for Foreigners' which compares the different states to best suit your business needs. The fees vary greatly state to state, and on which options you select on the application, respectively.

In regards to the bank account, this can be very difficult as banks require applicants to appear in person. There are a few options you could consider, such as consulting with an international bank in your area (such as Citibank, HSBC, Bank of America, etc.) to see if they would open a USD account. There are also service providers such as Payoneer or Netspend which offer a bank routing number. We have a research article titled 'U.S. Bank Account' which offers some further tips and suggestions.


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