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Foreigner obtaining tax ID

Asked by: Natalya - 27 May, 2011 Hi, I reside in Canada and my C-corporation is formed in Wyoming. I've obtained EIN already. How to apply for Tax ID number (Foreign Entity Qualification)?
Answered by: Alex Zehn - 28 May, 2011 Natalya,

I think there is a bit of confusion in terms. Foreign Entity Qualification is actually a process of registering a company formed in one US state (or foreign country) in another US state.

If I understand your intention correctly you are looking to obtain a personal tax ID (called ITIN) to be able to file your personal taxes in the US. If that's correct I would recommend you to either talk to your accountant, who will be able to help you obtain one while filing your taxes, or find a Acceptance Agent closest to you who can help you obtain the ITIN.


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