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Foreign company intend to open a US branch

Asked by: Yang - 20 February, 2013 We are a consulting company residing in China and wish to open a branch in US. Is it necessary for us to form a new company in US?
Answered by: Ray Albert - 21 February, 2013 Yang,

There are two options you have when expanding your business into the United States:

The first option is a bit more complex, which is having your Chinese company registered as a foreign entity in the United States.

An easier, more cost-effective option would be to file a new entity in the U.S., listing your Chinese company as the owner of the new U.S. company. You may use the same name and business address as the company in China, without being required to present any documents.

We have a research article titled 'U.S. Companies for Foreigners' which will guide you through comparisons of the top recommended states, as well as to the appropriate online application.


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