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Foreign citizen forming a corporation in the USA

Asked by: Dietrich Zeller  — 18 January, 2011

Hi, I am a foreign citizen residing in Germany. I run several online businesses and I’m looking to open a corporation in the USA. What is the process for this and what are the costs for this? Thanks.

Answered by: admin  — 18 January, 2011

Dear Dietrich,

The process of opening a company in the United States with the help of website is very simple and involves only two pages of information that you have to fill out – mostly your contact details and some information about the company you would like to open.

As for the costs, the costs will depend on the the type of company – corporation or limited liability company (LLC) – and the state in which you choose to open it. I suggest that you consider opening an LLC in the State of Wyoming.  An LLC is a great form of a legal entity that grants the owners the same limited liability protection as a corporation, but has fewer operating restrictions and may have some tax advantages. As we are not tax professionals, we cannot give you detailed tax advice, so you should consult a qualified adviser who can help with that.  I recommended Wyoming as the venue for your new company because it is a state with very business friendly laws and no state tax. It is also easy and cheap to maintain a company in Wyoming.

The cost of forming a Wyoming LLC for a foreign citizen with the help of is approximately $583. You can begin the process by following this link: “Form an LLC in Wyoming“. Once you are redirected to the following page, please click on the grey link at the top that says “International Clients: click here if you live outside of US.” From that point on the process should be very simple to follow.

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