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Foreign based online educational services provider registering branch in USA

Asked by: faiza - 22 June, 2011 hi

I need to know that Pakistan based online educational service provider wants to register a branch/or open a new US based company in USA. I am in Canada working for them can I open a company on their behalf and register a company in the US? How to open, what documents needed ? What would be the taxes, if opened in Detroit ..or buffalo?
Answered by: Lloyd Johnson - 14 July, 2011 Faiza,

Any person or legal entity can open a company in the US, and organize its relationship with any other company (domestic or foreign) through contracts. The Canadian company you work for can register a Foreign Entity in the US, or just open a new US company and be listed as its owner.

When opening a new US company no documents are needed, and the proces is much easier and cheaper. The choice of jurisdiction (Michigan, New York or any other) depends on many factors such as whether the business will have physical presence in any of those states. In your case since this is an online educational service you might want to consider Wyoming or Delaware as states of formation.


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