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FL based S Corp working in GA

Asked by: Jack  — 9 January, 2013

I’m a FL based S corp with 90% of income from work in GA, what do I need to do to comply in both FL and GA. I have a payroll service that has taken care of employee’s. Owner was not paid thru payroll service.

Answered by: admin  — 9 January, 2013


I would need to know more about your business to give you a better answer, however if you do some sort of contracting work or physical sales in Georgia you might need to register a foreign entity in GA, obtain all the necessary licenses and permits, and possibly also obtain a GA reseller permit. If you have W2 employees in Georgia you also need to register for payroll in that state.

Again, to better answer this question I would need to know more about what your business does.

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