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Film production company doing business in other states

Asked by: Nicole - 15 October, 2012 Hello! I recently started a film production company in California and I'm wondering if I have to register in every state we do business in. The company does not have a physical office and quite frequently shoots all over the country. For example, we're shooting a documentary in Oregon but my corp is registered in California. Should I be doing anything special here?
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 16 October, 2012 Nicole,

Actually, it's a very good question. Unlike many other types of businesses, a film production company rarely establishes real physical presence in other states, however a single project could span several months, which under many states' statutes would qualify as "nexus" and technically require foreign registration.

Since this is a delicate issue I would rather recommend you to consult a business attorney, who will be in a better position to research the statutes of each of the states you are planning to film in, and to make the correct recommendations.


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