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Expanding my retail business from Italy to New York

Asked by: Luciano  — 12 June, 2011

Hi ,
I am a Italian Citizen with a sole proprietorship business in retail in Italy. I was interested in opening a retail business here in NY. I am currently located in Italy. I was wondering what I need to do to expand here in NYC?

Answered by: admin  — 12 June, 2011


You could to register an LLC or Corporation in New York, with yourself or your Italian company being its owners. There are several steps that need to be executed in a particular order, so let’s start with step one:

Step one is determining where your business is going to function, in relation to where you live. In your case, you live in Italy and want to have your store in New York. To do this, you will need a Registered Agent in New York in order to file the necessary paperwork to open your company in that state (we offer it for $99 a year, but if you have an address in New York you might as wel just use it).

Since your home address is in Italy, once the business is formed in New York and has an EIN, you will have to get a New York State sales tax vendor id number in order to sell products in a retail environment.

After your business is formed, and is complete with an EIN and state sales tax id number, you will then need to have an Apostille attached to Certified Copies of your company’s Articles of Organization/Incorporation. This will allow your business to be recognized by Italy, to where you could open the company bank account in your home country, rather than having to make the trip across the Atlantic.

I hope you find this answer to be helpful.

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