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European LLC trying to expand business to USA

Asked by: MARIJAN - 18 May, 2013 Dear Sirs,

We are European based company, selling customized dental appliances (mouth guards, retainers, removable veneers), and we are planning to expand our business to USA market. We are concerned about sending this type of product to perspective customers in USA directly and have some customs problem. Is it possible to send our products directly to our web customers located in USA, or should we form LLC in WY, to serve as intermediate between our company (lab) and USA customers? To be able to make customized appliances, we send impression kit to our customers, they have to send us tooth impressions, and we send back to them final product. Products are in range between 150 - 300 USD.
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 18 May, 2013 Dear Marijan,

Technically I see no reason why you can't ship your products directly from Europe to your U.S. customers. I understand that you are looking for ways to simplify the formalities and make the process cheaper. This is how I see it:

1. Since you will be shipping the product from Europe anyway, you will not really save on customs or shipping by forming a U.S. company to handle sales.

2. With that being said, by establishing a U.S. company and doing business in the U.S. under that company (assuming you can open a bank account and a merchant account), you will find it somewhat easier to sell to U.S. customers.

So it's mostly a business decision that you need to make. On our end we can assist you with company formation and to an extent with opening your bank account and obtaining a merchant account


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