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European business registering in USA

Asked by: Jung Wan - 7 December, 2011 I am a US citizen living in Europe. I am a resident of CA (I have a driver's license from CA), and am starting an on line store early next year. I will be purchasing products from Europe and USA, and selling at this stage in Europe. Is there a way I can incorporate the business in USA rather than Europe? Or must I register in Europe, as I will be keeping an inventory and shipping from EU?

If I open up the business to buy from and ship to end users not only in EU but also USA and other continents, will I be able to register the business in USA, even if I keep stock and ship from Europe?

Many thanks!
Jung Wan
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 8 December, 2011 Dear Jung,

Our specialty is helping people with questions regarding formation of US entities, so I would not be the right person to give any meaningful information on forming entities in other countries. However, from your description my logic tells me you would need to register for business in Europe this way or another, if most of your business activity will take place there.

You can always register a US entity to serve as a branch for your US activity, but I don't believe you can do business in Europe without registering it there.


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