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Eligibility to form a company in USA by a foreing citizen and 2 green card holders

Asked by: Alex - 3 May, 2011 Hello,
I am a citizen of Israel and I live in Israel. Me and two co-founders - both live in USA and have a green card. Can we found a company in the USA?
Thank you, Alex
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 16 May, 2011 Alex,

Absolutely, you can form a company in any US state, as long as this company is not an S-Corporation or as long as it is LLC taxed as anything but S-Corporation.

When you decide what form of entity to form and what state is the best for you, consider the type of business you plan to run using this entity:

- I know Israel is famous for its hi-tech industry, so if you are working on the next big thing and plan this company to look for Angel or venture capital and eventually aim for IPO you might want to consider forming a Delaware Corporation.

- If your business is less technology driven and will be funded primarily by the founders and other more traditional forms of financing (examples - import/export, e-commerce etc.) you should consider forming LLC in Wyoming,

- And finally, if you are looking to open a local business you should consider forming LLC in the state where your business will have physical presence.

I hope that helps you make the right decision.


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