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EIN to pay US employee in Mexico

Asked by: Terry Brown - 16 December, 2011 Hi hope this makes sense:
I'm a US citizen, VP of Canadian listed resource company with no US income, and I'm the only US citizen employed
I live and work in Mexico and file foreign earned income exclusion in the US
I understand we can... and I want the company to get an EIN and pay the US withholdings, SS and all

Will there be other problems like the co. will have to make US filings, or any other unforeseen consequences?
Answered by: Lloyd Johnson - 17 December, 2011 Terry,

Technically a foreign company can obtain EIN and file tax returns with the IRS.

The question really is why would you want to do that if the company does not do any business in the US. I would recommend you to consult an accountant who specializes in personal income received abroad from a foreign company.


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