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EIN or other numbers

Asked by: Thomas - 17 April, 2013 Good Morning,
I'm non US resident alien and want to form an LLC in Wyoming offering business services on-line. No pysical presence, office, servers, or employees in the US. What's more, I will pay my personal taxes in my country.
1. Does my LLC have to apply for an EIN or any other number to IRS? If not, maybe it's anyway worth having EIN?
2. Does such Wyoming-registered LLC have any annual tax obligatons both federal and state?
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 18 April, 2013 Thomas,

The answer to (1) would depend on whether or not your income is produced in the U.S. In general having EIN is not a bad idea, since it could be needed to open a bank account, apply for reseller permit (if you are going to sell tangible goods in the U.S. in the future), etc. Also, if you are working with U.S. companies you might be required to present them with W-8 form, with the tax ID listed on it.


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