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eCommerce in US from overseas

Asked by: Charles  — 11 August, 2012

Hi, we want to do retail eCommerce in the US, but the company is located overseas and our idea is to send the merchandise to someone/somewhere in the US so from there we will send directly to the customer (house / office / etc) the product. This person will not work for the company, just will receive and let UPS deliver the product.

So in order to receive the payments from the customers do we need to create a company (LLC / sole proprietorship / you named) open a bank account and have a US address? or we can just sell our products and receive the money from the customer on a Paypal account?

Thank you for your support.

Answered by: admin  — 11 August, 2012

Dear Charles,

As far as I see you are looking for a fulfillment solution. A good example of such solution in the US is “Fulfillment by Amazon” or FBA, where you ship your container to one of Amazon’s locations and they do all the fulfillment work for you.

I don’t see any particular reason for you to register a company in the US for that, as you could probably charge the clients using PayPal account in your country, however if you would use companies like Amazon for fulfillment they might require you to register in the US.

If your sales volume is high you might want to register in the US to save on the currency conversion, but for that you need to have really high volume to justify such move.

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