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Ecommerce business incorporation

Asked by: NICHOLAS  — 28 May, 2012

Hi, I’m looking to start an ecommerce business using Doba to dropship products I list on my website. I was also tinking about using Ebay as well. My question is what would be the best corporation for my situation? Also I heard that anyone can set up a corporation to get lines of credit. Can you tell me more?

Answered by: admin  — 28 May, 2012

Dear Nicholas,

Typically e-commerce businesses of that kind are organized as LLCs. You did mention that you want to research the option of obtaining business credit, so before you decide on entity type and further course of action I would recommend you to consult with a business credit specialist.

There are companies specializing in helping businesses obtain credit score and secure funding, unfortunately that topic is beyond the scope of this website’s specialization.

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