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Dual Citizenship US & Spanish, residing in Madrid

Asked by: EVE COLE  — 29 April, 2012

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a dual national (Spanish, US) and I reside in Madrid. I work with both countries and sporadically with others as an independent/freelance marketing services consultant (sole proprietorship). I do all my taxes in Spain.

The question would be, if I were to obtain more business coming from the US:

– Could I bill as an American Citizen?
– Would I have to reside in the US do to this?
– Requirements, licences, setup. How would I go about it?
– Should I maybe consult with the Consular Section, Embassy in Madrid and their list of qualified lawyers?

Thanks in advance,
Eve Cole

Answered by: admin  — 29 April, 2012


Allow me to answer your questions one by one:

1. Being that you have dual citizenship, I don’t think you would have a problem setting up your business account in the U.S. to be able to bill your customers. Keep in mind, you will most likely have to physically come to the United States to open the company bank account.

2. You will not have to be residing in the U.S. to register, operate or maintain your business in any of the states. You will be able to use any address in the world (with the exception of a P.O. Box) as the business address. As I said, you will have to physically come here to open the company bank account.

3. With marketing consulting services, typically you are not required to charge your customers sales tax on your sales. That being said, I don’t believe you would require any special licensing to have your business registered and operational. The setup for the LLC itself is something we can handle, which is typically paperwork and fees to the state and federal offices.

4. Whenever registering a business overseas, it is never a bad idea to receive legal advice from a business attorney. Contacting the Embassy of Spain could be a good idea if you believe you could get business advise from there, but in general what you need is to consult an accountant specializing in international taxation.

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