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Dual Citizenship moved back to country of origin conducting web-based business

Asked by: Ksenija  — 8 June, 2012

Hi, I have a dual citizenship, U.S./Croatian. Just recently I relocated from U.S. to Croatia for good. I’ve closed my retail operation in the U.S. where I was conducting jewelry-making business as DBA. I am about to start a web-site here in Croatia. I have customers in U.S. who want to keep buying from me via the web-site. If I register the business in Croatia is there anything I need to do in the U.S. as well? Thank you for your advice, it is highly appreciated. Sincerely, Ksenija.

Answered by: admin  — 8 June, 2012

Dear Ksenija,

If your business is physically located in Croatia, and you ship your product from there, then you don’t really need to register your business in the US to sell to US customers (just as you don’t need to register in UK to sell to UK clients, or any other country other than Croatia).

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