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Doing online business abroad as a previous US resident

Asked by: Kevin Pareza  — 10 January, 2012

Dear Sir/Madam,

I currently have an online retail business which is already running.

I hold an I-485 status with working permit and eligible to work for any employers in US. I am currently working for a pharmaceutical company full time and my side business described above is only my part time.

I have a desire to go back for good to my country of origin pretty soon. My question is, can I continue my US online business and operated from my country? what paperwork /regulation should I follow or modify? I currently have EIN, Seller’s permit, Business license, US bank accounts, Merchant account.

I really appreciate your time and answer, Thank you!

Kevin Pareza

Answered by: admin  — 10 January, 2012

Dear Kevin,

I presume your business is organized as an LLC or a corporation. Technically, a non??“US person can own membership interest in a US company, and there are no special documents needed. Once you go back to your country you will continue running your business as usual, since your business is organized as a US entity.

The only thing I can come up with is if you will decide to open a bank account in your country for this business (which why would you if you already have one in the US, but lets assume..) then you would need to have your company’s certified copy of Articles of Organization/Incorporation, certified for use abroad. This certification is either by affixing an Apostille or through the embassy (depending on the country).

Of course, you should continue using the services of your legal counsels and accountants, who would be in a better position to answer any immigration of tax related questions, but as far as I know no additional steps are needed for you to run the business from abroad.

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