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Doing Business in the US from Abroad

Asked by: Joe - 7 September, 2012 I would like to check with you if, as I think, I am allowed to:
1) open an on-line service (no products) US-incorporated (NC) business while being resident and living in Europe.
2) use my European address as both legal address and office.
3) avoid using a registered agent there.
Not Sure
4) avoid to open a bank account in US.
5) avoid to open an EIN
I think I need to open the EIN to report the business taxes to IRS.
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 7 September, 2012 Dear Joe,

1) Yes - that's correct. You can own a US company while living in Europe. Keep in mind, certain entity types such as S-Corporations require all shareholders to be US persons.

2) Yes - that's correct. Your European address can be used as business address.

3) Every company registered in North Carolina must maintain a registered agent with a physical presence in North Carolina. We provide this service for $99 a year.

4) Yes - that's correct. You don't have to have a bank account for your US company in the US, you can open one in Europe or elsewhere.

5) Foreign-owned companies must have their own EIN.


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