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Doing business as an LLC or create another DBA

Asked by: Jason - 7 August, 2012 My wife and I have an LLC which she then has a DBA for her business. I would like to start a design business, can I do business using the LLC name or would I have to get another DBA for my design business? On a different note, if we were to travel and work within the US would we have to register with each state or does the LLC state cover if you work remotely?
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 8 August, 2012 Jason,

You can run as many businesses under one LLC as you like, however I would recommend you to separate businesses into their own LLCs if they carry too much liability. If you choose to do everything under one LLC then at least register DBAs foreach of your businesses.

As far as doing business in other states, unless you create strong nexus in those states by renting offices or hiring employees in those states you would not be required to register in each state (think about truckers running their own businesses, it would be a nightmare for them to maintain so many entities in all the states they pass through).


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