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Doing business abroad from the USA

Asked by: Lola - 1 November, 2012 Hi,

We have established an LLC in USA and planning to have US bank accounts associated with it. We are looking into doing online service-oriented business. The service will be provided abroad, however we will be managing the business from US and revenue generated will all go to the US bank account. Is there anything we should do differently paperwork/registration wise?

Also, how much do you recommend filing for DBA (doing business as) in this case?

Appreciate your response.

Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 2 November, 2012 Dear Lola,

Registration wise you would register such business in the US as you would any US business, however keep in mind that since the operations would be located elsewhere in the world you might need to register in that jurisdiction as well.

DBA is just an alias, so unless you plan to have several brands that your business operates under you would not need a DBA, and instead just pick a name for your business that would reflect its brand (e.g. " LLC")


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