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DBA in Midland, TX

Asked by: JEANA - 22 November, 2011 Where in Midland TX would I be able to get information on DBA? Also what is the county for Midland TX?
Answered by: Ray Albert - 24 November, 2011 Jeana,

Midland, Texas is located in Midland County.

In Texas if you are a sole proprietor or start a general partnership you would register your DBA with the county. If this is a registered business such as Texas LLC or Texas Corporation then you first register the DBA with the state, and then with the county.

To obtain further information regarding DBAs in the state of Texas, it is always the best idea to call the county directly. We can also offer you full service to registering a DBA with the state and any county in Texas.

I hope you were able to find this information helpful.


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