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Cost of tobacco licenses in Ohio

Asked by: Bruce Hollar  — 11 May, 2013

Would like to know the cost of a retailer and a wholesale tobacco license in Ohio.

Answered by: admin  — 11 May, 2013


After speaking with Ohio Department of Revenue I learned the following:

1. For retail tobacco license you would need first to obtain a sales tax permit,

2. Retail and wholesale licenses cannot be issued to businesses in the same business location,

3. Retailer tobacco license needs to be obtained from the county auditor’s office of business location,

4. OTP and Cigarette wholesaler are different applications that need to be filed depending on the type of tobacco. Both applications have a $1,000 state fee each.

To be able to give you a more specific answer I need to know more about the type of tobacco and retail/wholesale locations. You can contact me directly with this information and I will be able to help you further.

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