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Cost and reporting requirements for LLC in Wyoming

Asked by: Dan - 21 October, 2011 I'm thinking of setting up an LLC in Wyoming - how much will it cost to do so and what are my annual fees and reporting requirements in Wyoming?
Answered by: Alec Green - 21 October, 2011 Dan,

Our typical Wyoming LLC package for US residents would cost $366.00 and include everything you would need to start a business:

- Filing the Articles of Organization with Wyoming Secretary of State and obtaining a Certified copy once filed,
- Obtaining an EIN (Federal Tax ID)
- Set up and 1 year of Registered Agent service (renewed annually at $99 a year)
- LLC Kit & Seal
- Priority Shipping & Handling

You could also customize the package if you like, for example by rushing the order or ordering a Sales Tax ID if your business would be selling taxable items and you want to stock up by buying from wholesalers.

For international clients the cost is a bit higher, primarily due to the cost of shipping overseas.

As far as maintenance goes, you need to file an Annual Report ($52 and its pretty simple) and maintain a Registered Agent service (our fee is $99). The only other expenses you might incur related to maintaining the company is the fees you might pay your accountant for filing tax returns.


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