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Converting DBA to LLC

Asked by: Victor - 9 January, 2012 New Life Landscaping is the registered name of the business (DBA in Missouri). On my truck I have New Life Landscaping Tree Service & Hauling. How would I insert LLC (after Landscaping or Hauling) to my name and is this legal?
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 9 January, 2012 Dear Victor,

What you are looking for is actually reorganizing your business as a Limited Liability Company. First step would be forming a Missouri LLC, and then second step would be reassigning all the business assets (such as your truck) and all the contracts from your sole proprietorship to this LLC.

I am not sure how the process of reassigning assets works in Missouri, for that I would recommend you to consult a business attorney licensed to practice law in Missouri.

Keep in mind though, you can only use the name "New Life Landscaping Tree Service & Hauling, LLC" after you have the LLC registered with the secretary of State. You do not gain limited liability by just putting those words in your company name.


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