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Company under my person name or under my Hong Kong company

Asked by: Linda - 8 September, 2013 Hi I really appreciate you put them together here. I have a running company (ltd) in Hong Kong, I want to form a US LLC to buy a real estate property in California, should I put this company under my own name or I should structure it as wholely owned subsidiary by my Hong Kong Ltd Company... in considering I want to apply L1 visa to US for myself in the future.
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 8 September, 2013 Linda,

You can actually do it either way. I don't believe it would matter much as far as L1 visa is concerned, as long as you are personally involved in the business. It's hard to say if it will matter much from tax point of view, for that I would recommend to seek the advice of an accountant.


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